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We were so lucky to have Uffe Elbæk visiting the office today. An informal coffee invitation can take many directions and nobody knows where it will end before it is tried out. The “sharing spirit” that lives in Kadaver stems from our educational background and personal world views. By having the coffee with Uffe it was evident where the Kaospilot sharing spirit really stems from! Ideas, concepts and potential partners was shared during the coffee and again Network is a key word.

We are now very much looking forward reading the book that Uffe Elbæk just wrote, Ledelse på Kanten. There should be some relevant stories for us. Check out the book here: Ledelse på Kanten

Ledelse på kanten af uffe elbæk

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Dear Reader of this blog. I am writing this post to inform you about a briiliant project our dear friend Philip is carrying out at the moment.

In Denmark it is a common phenomenon to recieve printed adverts through your door every week containing ads from different super markets and other big commercial stores. If you do not actively deny to recieve them you will get them every week all year. Some people like them but some also hate them for different reasons. It could be because they hate to carry them out for disposal, they don’t read them, the ads are ugly and smells or simply because it is extremely bad for the environment. The last point is actually a very valid point. Each house hold in Denmark recieves 55 kilos of adverts every year which is equivalent to 115.409 tons in total a year for all house holds in Denamrk and this is approximately 8 % of the total Danish use of paper a year.

It is possibility to avoid these adverts if you have an authorized sign on your door saying Adverts – No Thanks. You can get this sign it the postal office by signing a specific formular and fill out it out with your personal data. You need to give you personal data to avoid getting stupid adverts through your door every bloody week!!!! What kind of a rule is that?

Ok, what Philip and his crew wants to do is to change the sign saying Adverts – No Thanks into Adverts – Yes Please. This way it is becoming an active choice if you want the adverts or not. We really think this makes sense and believe that this must be the way forward especially when we live in a world where the internet is everywhere and the access is so easy. Put those freeky ads on the internet god damn it!!!

Anyway, on a rainy day at Solitudevej my points and anger might be slightly more amplified than normally. But come on, this is extreme and I think it’s embarrasing to live in a society where we think with the arse in a very serious matter that can be solved very easily.

And the goal: Of course the goal is to reduce the number of adverts drasticly. Philip and his crew assume that it will be a minimum if the Danish population that will actively choose adverts through the door. We hope so as well!

I love this project and I am following it very closely…have a nice day!

This the homepage: http://reklamer-jatak.dk/


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Yes! It is now possible to subscribe to our blog! I like the simple way wordpress blogs are made. By a simple click you at the “email subscription bottom” you will recieve an email every time a new blog post is made. For the true follower of this blog, you will notice that it´s not that often… but still once in a while! we are still developing our blogging skills and stile! – please feel free to help us along the way, if you have any hint you think we should check out!

The spring time is here! And we can return to host meetings in the sunshine!

Scrum morning meeting

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Dear all the beautiful people who attended our reception Friday. Thank you for your contribution to an unforgettable experience we had a blast and it was truly fantastic to see all the happy faces.

The office was packed with engaged and smiling people both people we know but also people we had not met before which made the day even better. Meeting new people is one of our habits.

We check out by inviting you all for a cup of coffee whenever you feel like it.

Hugs and kisses


Here Jacob is serving 3 of the nearly 300 sausages that was consumed during the day!


Here you can see our nearly 2 meters long Champagne cooler, filled with snow and ice.

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Dear Blog Reader

You are hereby invited to the opening of our dear office at Solitudevej 1 in Copenhagen. We have been here for about half a year now and it is about time we celebrate the birth of our dear office fellowship.
Drop by from 1 o’clock pm the 26th of February and join the celebration. We will start out with a formal set-up with wine and snacks and let the day last for as long as we like.

Kadaver is on the roll with different projects now and we are pleased to announce that we have a sustainable platform for the future to kick in. We are 4 KaosPilots striving for fulfilling our dreams and time has shown that this approach is paying of.
Together with Kadaver at Solitudevej we have Thomas Nymann studying Entrepreneurial Design at the business school KEA in Copenhagen. He is our partner in crime and our beloved friend and sparring partner. Thomas and Jacob (Kadaver) has a company together called bybird making social interaction.

All this we would like to celebrate together with you and all the others we like to hang out with. Jump in your best outfit and come and talk, hug and smile with us!

We really hope to see you at Solitudevej 1, 2200 Cph. N the 26th of February 2010.

From the gang of five:

Anders, Søren, Thomas, Jacob and Johannes.

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This blog has been in the air for quite some time and nothing has happened – for that, sorry… We, Kadaver hereby promise that from this point on this blog will be filled with inspiration and thoughts from us the four members of Kadaver – Søren, Anders, Johannes and Jacob.

We will take turn in writing on this page to give you an insight in what happens in the heads of the four partners of Kadaver.  Through our work we are often inspired by the works of others. That inspiration we wish to share with you, the visitor of this page. So that will be the foundation of of this page, inspiration. Both in terms of what moves us on an individual level but first and foremost what moves Kadaver. This will be a way of keeping track of us for those of you that are not able to stop by the office on Solitudevej on Nørrebro.

As our company has a focus on sustainability, social innovation and in general the good cause – that will also be some of the subject that we will write about on this blog. And naturally everything else that we stumble upon.

Enjoy the read and please drop by if you are in the area.


Picture 1

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