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When listening to the complains and wishes for our future and the development of society I often experience a tendency to want something “new” or “different”. The approach is most likely based on -what we got, is NOT good enough- and then followed up by a passive “reaction”. I am not sure rather you can actually call it a “reaction”, when nothing happens and the expectation is; that either politicians or “someone ells” should DO SOMETHING. not just anything – but something! the right thing, not the wrong thing – as “they” always do… hhhmmm ?

If you have gone traveling for sometime, the experience of this tendency is extremely interesting. Be course returning from a situation where the conditions are worse than the “normal” situation, the “normal” suddenly seems to be good. And not as first thought off, bad. Now why are these late nights reflections interesting? my curiosity lays with considering what steps should we/I/you and Kadaver take in order to make this reflection happen for every body – with out including the travel – ?? If you have any tips or ideas I would be more than happy to hear your reflections. And of course we can take the conversation with coffee. You are welcome at the office.

This is how the office looks like after a full day of preparing and developing!
"le office"


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