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When a project is finished, it´s always interesting to look back at where you started. Now when we have the Denfood site running and the carrots are in the shop, I thought I should share some documentation along the way.

Here the brainstorm started!

Brainstorm Kadaver Denfood Snack Carrots orangerødder

Then we went visting the carrots on the north part of Jytland! – a long way from home, that was!
Seeing all the carrots in the ground made the whole project much more real!

Here is a photo of Lasse from Denfood, finding some good carrot samples.

Denfood Kadaver snack carrots Orangerødder

Then the website was launched:

Denfood Screenshot of www.denfood.com orangerødder

And finally the snack carrots, Orangerødder, were out in the shops around the country !

Orangerødder Føtex Kadaver Denfood

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