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Throughout the last four weeks we have worked tightly together with the company bybird, Haus and Arriva on a campaign dubbed Bedre Bustur. The last four weeks have featured several initiatives, among others; five weekly magazines, newly designed headrests, social media concepts, a brand new website and to day the latest addition to the campaign was launched.

Late Sunday night 250 seat-covers was installed in the busses across Copenhagen. The new covers indicated that this was a loveseat… (Kærlighedssæde) Throughout the day Danish media have intensely covered the seats and a debate has been started around the use of these and the general interaction in the danish busses…

The focus on the campaign has been to improve the experiences in the busses and drag focus towards how a busride can improve seen from the perspective of the people that uses the busses on a daily basis.

All the initiatives has generated a lot of great response from the users and today the media gave their response. Below can find some of the articles that have been in the new throughout the day.

Contribute with your view on Facebook, or through the Campaign webpage: www.bedrebustur.dk




Kristligt Dagblad

Le Figaro!

Kerdos – Greece

Aften Posten, Norwegian

Clarin.com Spanish

Lidovky.cz Czech

The campaign is far from over so stay tuned

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Billede 2

So here we are, for the first time on track with our new website, www.kadaver.dk. It is no secret that this website has been a high priority for everyone and now we can finally lean back and enjoy our little informative window to the world.

The site is developed entirely by Mikkel Bock from the company Haus Copenhagen, www.haus-cph.dk. He has been an incredible support in the development process and worked very hard with finding a solution that fitted our identity and our need.

I sincerely hope you will visit the site and enjoy the look and info, unfortunately only in Danish for now – it could be valuable to take a course to understand it.

We are happy and by the way, what is a company without a website these days. It is like a Danish hotdog without pickles or a die without spots and maybe a woman without a smile or a day with out sunshine.

Click it away…


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