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As most people know by now, Copenhagen will host the climate meeting Cop15 in December.
It has been around for a while and the time is closing in! – will Obama join? will the different politicians take any decisions? Will the African nations be heard? Will Nepenthes save the threes and WWF save the pandas or polar bears?
The questions are many and only time will tell. Or what?

The other day I watched a board discussion hosting: Knud Pedersen, Vice president at Dong Energi, among others. He presented Dong´s strategy to become a more CO2 neutral company. During the next 30 years the will shift the figures from: 15% CO2 neutral energy and 85% Goal driven energy – to 85% CO2 neutral energy and 15% energy containing CO2 emissions. This is a pretty hardcore strategy to become a Co2 friendly company. If the companies are ready to deal with the climate issue, and the politicians are too, then why are we talking about the fact that there might not happen anything during Cop15? if it all is just one big scam and get-together, then why even bother having it? What is the energy concumtion of hosting that meeting gonna cost compared to how much it will safe?

There are many things that I am curious to see in December!
Kadaver have been in contact with a broad perspective of people dealing with small events, happenings, campaigns, conferences, exhibitions etc. A lot of things are going to go down at the same time, and most of it is extremely interesting.
Then there is also the whole aspect of all the travelers coming to Copenhagen to stay during Cop15. The hotels has been booked for quite a while now and great initiatives like: New Life Copenhagen has been established in order to host people from a grassroots level too. the Couchsurfing network is heated and a broad specter of activists are preparing for December.

The Demonstration on December 12th, is estimated to have approximately 60.000 participant! All yelling for climate change! If you know of any great initiatives thats gonna happen, then feel free to drop a comment or an email. Then we will post it here on the blog for others to see and participate.

I am exited like if it was christmas…


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