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At the Super Bowl 2011 VW aired their new commercial for the new Passat. Which in it self is relatively uninteresting, but the add hits surely strikes something in everyones hearts – regardless of relationship to Star Wars….

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Some months back we were on the verge on participating in the danish based competition to find the best possible way to communicate the online platform “Girl Talk”. The purpose of the site is to make it possible for danish girls to seek council from other and older girls on various topics that needs an ear that wants to listen.

Girl Talk was chosen to be the subject for the concept Reklame for Alvor (directly translated – commercials seriously). The concepts make it possible for companies to develop a campaign for the subject and the best bid wins the campaign which will be paid for by the organization behind Reklame for Alvor and their supporters. The final campaign has an estimated budget of around 3,5 million danish kroner.

Sadly we were to busy around the time of the deadlines for the bids, so we did not apply… But the winner has now been found and we have to say that if we had participated the competition would have been though. We believe that the winner, DDB Danmark, have managed to find a both relevant, easily accessible and simply great way to create attention around the site and the purpose. So hats off to the guys behind the winning bid.

The following months the campaign will be present around Denmark in nationwide posters, postcards and through tv-spots on national TV and MTV.

Below you will find examples of the campaign.

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