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Due to the fact that Copenhagen is at the center of attention in relation to three large events in 2009, the city has launched a campaign under the name, Hopenhagen. The first of the three events was the World Outgames that took place during the end of the summer. A couple of weeks ago Copenhagen was then host to the IOC meeting where Rio de Janeiro was elected host city for the 2016 summer olympic games. Finally and most relevantly Copenhagen will host the Climate Conference, COP 15 – Copenhagen Climate in the end of November. As these events has and will bring a lot of international guest to Copenhagen the municipality has decided to launch the campaign, Hopenhagen to both prepare the city for the guest and inform the citizens of the events and what they are all about.

As the two first events has already taken place the main focus – and the focus for the rest of the year will be on the Climate Conference and to create focus on the climate changes that we are facing. As the name of the campaign, Hopenhagen, implies there is a focus to turn the city into a city of Hope. A city where all the frames are in place to make the world leaders join in an agreement that will address the climate changes.

We, Kadaver, has recently work along side the Hopenhagen campaign and executed a flash mob to create attention on both climate changes and the campaign as such.

So stay tuned for the documentation of the event.

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Hopenhagen - Postcard

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