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Recently Kadaver produced a viral movie for the Copenhagen based designer Dea Kudibal. The result is a beautiful production set in the center of the Danish capital.

On a sunny Wednesday 500 Kudibal scarves covered the Copenhagen sky! The scarves came flying down from the top of the historical building, Rundetårn (the Round Tower). People passing by rushed to grab as many scarves as they could! And the footage from that day is now online in a picture perfect viral movie.

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I completely stole this blog from the “digital buzz blog” because I couldn’t say it better myself! Cheers guys!

Hemlös banner , Homeless banner
Here is a neat little case study for Stadsmission, a small charity dedicated to helping the homeless in Stockholm. The “Homeless Banners” campaign was based around a blank, homeless banner with no website to live, a banner that has been re-sized, and waiting for a home…

When users got to the micro-site, they were promoted to copy the embed code, and paste it onto their own website, essentially giving the banner a place to live. The longer it was embedded and the more that it was interacted with, the brighter the banner became, helping to drive donations and further emergency banner housing to help spread the word…

After just a month, there were over 400 websites hosting the homeless banners, generating 36 million impressions, and tripling donations… A great little idea! Created by the guys at Garbergs.

Watch the video here:

Homeless Banners from Garbergs on Vimeo.

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Hey Everyone.

As you might know, Johannes & Søren have left for Shanghai. They have started the preparations for the exhibition The Creative North.. You can follow their work and doings at thecreativenorth.com.

You can probably imagine that Jacob and I are quite busy at the office running numerously of projects just the two of us. That is fantastic… With all the projects ! We are of course missing the Wolf aka Søren & The Lion aka Joe very much

But, Therefore we have outsourced the Bangura Bag project to the very talented Project Leader Anders Møller (@Megamoller).

For further information and furture contact regarding the Bangura Bags, please contact Anders Møller at moeller@kadaver.dk.

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Look at this man. Carefully! He is our first official emplyee at the office. Because of vacation and other pretty irrelevant things we have invited him to be a part of the team for a few weeks – and we are pleased. Give it up for Mr. Grey!!!


Vibrant internet research, technical super support, effective overview and professional team spirit etc.

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You can hear a short radio postcast on BBC radio, with Marianne Faerch from Arriva, about the love seats.

Arriva Love seats on BBC

And here you can see a DR (Danish Radio) news about the love Seats/Kærlighedssæder.

The feedback on this little lovely initiative is enormous!

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Last week we were responsible for the final element of the five week bedre bustur campaign for Arriva. It was marked by celebrating the birthday of a bus-driver. He had no idea that a celebration would take place! The result was a great day with a lot of surprises, especially for the bus-driver, Mukhtar!

Check out the result and let us know what you think of it!

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Throughout the last four weeks we have worked tightly together with the company bybird, Haus and Arriva on a campaign dubbed Bedre Bustur. The last four weeks have featured several initiatives, among others; five weekly magazines, newly designed headrests, social media concepts, a brand new website and to day the latest addition to the campaign was launched.

Late Sunday night 250 seat-covers was installed in the busses across Copenhagen. The new covers indicated that this was a loveseat… (Kærlighedssæde) Throughout the day Danish media have intensely covered the seats and a debate has been started around the use of these and the general interaction in the danish busses…

The focus on the campaign has been to improve the experiences in the busses and drag focus towards how a busride can improve seen from the perspective of the people that uses the busses on a daily basis.

All the initiatives has generated a lot of great response from the users and today the media gave their response. Below can find some of the articles that have been in the new throughout the day.

Contribute with your view on Facebook, or through the Campaign webpage: www.bedrebustur.dk




Kristligt Dagblad

Le Figaro!

Kerdos – Greece

Aften Posten, Norwegian

Clarin.com Spanish

Lidovky.cz Czech

The campaign is far from over so stay tuned

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