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Recently Kadaver produced a viral movie for the Copenhagen based designer Dea Kudibal. The result is a beautiful production set in the center of the Danish capital.

On a sunny Wednesday 500 Kudibal scarves covered the Copenhagen sky! The scarves came flying down from the top of the historical building, Rundetårn (the Round Tower). People passing by rushed to grab as many scarves as they could! And the footage from that day is now online in a picture perfect viral movie.

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I completely stole this blog from the “digital buzz blog” because I couldn’t say it better myself! Cheers guys!

Hemlös banner , Homeless banner
Here is a neat little case study for Stadsmission, a small charity dedicated to helping the homeless in Stockholm. The “Homeless Banners” campaign was based around a blank, homeless banner with no website to live, a banner that has been re-sized, and waiting for a home…

When users got to the micro-site, they were promoted to copy the embed code, and paste it onto their own website, essentially giving the banner a place to live. The longer it was embedded and the more that it was interacted with, the brighter the banner became, helping to drive donations and further emergency banner housing to help spread the word…

After just a month, there were over 400 websites hosting the homeless banners, generating 36 million impressions, and tripling donations… A great little idea! Created by the guys at Garbergs.

Watch the video here:

Homeless Banners from Garbergs on Vimeo.

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Hey Everyone.

As you might know, Johannes & Søren have left for Shanghai. They have started the preparations for the exhibition The Creative North.. You can follow their work and doings at thecreativenorth.com.

You can probably imagine that Jacob and I are quite busy at the office running numerously of projects just the two of us. That is fantastic… With all the projects ! We are of course missing the Wolf aka Søren & The Lion aka Joe very much

But, Therefore we have outsourced the Bangura Bag project to the very talented Project Leader Anders Møller (@Megamoller).

For further information and furture contact regarding the Bangura Bags, please contact Anders Møller at moeller@kadaver.dk.

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Look at this man. Carefully! He is our first official emplyee at the office. Because of vacation and other pretty irrelevant things we have invited him to be a part of the team for a few weeks – and we are pleased. Give it up for Mr. Grey!!!


Vibrant internet research, technical super support, effective overview and professional team spirit etc.

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You can hear a short radio postcast on BBC radio, with Marianne Faerch from Arriva, about the love seats.

Arriva Love seats on BBC

And here you can see a DR (Danish Radio) news about the love Seats/Kærlighedssæder.

The feedback on this little lovely initiative is enormous!

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Last week we were responsible for the final element of the five week bedre bustur campaign for Arriva. It was marked by celebrating the birthday of a bus-driver. He had no idea that a celebration would take place! The result was a great day with a lot of surprises, especially for the bus-driver, Mukhtar!

Check out the result and let us know what you think of it!

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Throughout the last four weeks we have worked tightly together with the company bybird, Haus and Arriva on a campaign dubbed Bedre Bustur. The last four weeks have featured several initiatives, among others; five weekly magazines, newly designed headrests, social media concepts, a brand new website and to day the latest addition to the campaign was launched.

Late Sunday night 250 seat-covers was installed in the busses across Copenhagen. The new covers indicated that this was a loveseat… (Kærlighedssæde) Throughout the day Danish media have intensely covered the seats and a debate has been started around the use of these and the general interaction in the danish busses…

The focus on the campaign has been to improve the experiences in the busses and drag focus towards how a busride can improve seen from the perspective of the people that uses the busses on a daily basis.

All the initiatives has generated a lot of great response from the users and today the media gave their response. Below can find some of the articles that have been in the new throughout the day.

Contribute with your view on Facebook, or through the Campaign webpage: www.bedrebustur.dk




Kristligt Dagblad

Le Figaro!

Kerdos – Greece

Aften Posten, Norwegian

Clarin.com Spanish

Lidovky.cz Czech

The campaign is far from over so stay tuned

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Here it is. Our exhibition is now in the program for Nordic Lighthouse. We are proud to present the unique design and offer a unique experience.

We are still recruiting companies for the exhibition and we would really like to know if anyone has any creative suggestions.


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Dear Reader of this blog. I am writing this post to inform you about a briiliant project our dear friend Philip is carrying out at the moment.

In Denmark it is a common phenomenon to recieve printed adverts through your door every week containing ads from different super markets and other big commercial stores. If you do not actively deny to recieve them you will get them every week all year. Some people like them but some also hate them for different reasons. It could be because they hate to carry them out for disposal, they don’t read them, the ads are ugly and smells or simply because it is extremely bad for the environment. The last point is actually a very valid point. Each house hold in Denmark recieves 55 kilos of adverts every year which is equivalent to 115.409 tons in total a year for all house holds in Denamrk and this is approximately 8 % of the total Danish use of paper a year.

It is possibility to avoid these adverts if you have an authorized sign on your door saying Adverts – No Thanks. You can get this sign it the postal office by signing a specific formular and fill out it out with your personal data. You need to give you personal data to avoid getting stupid adverts through your door every bloody week!!!! What kind of a rule is that?

Ok, what Philip and his crew wants to do is to change the sign saying Adverts – No Thanks into Adverts – Yes Please. This way it is becoming an active choice if you want the adverts or not. We really think this makes sense and believe that this must be the way forward especially when we live in a world where the internet is everywhere and the access is so easy. Put those freeky ads on the internet god damn it!!!

Anyway, on a rainy day at Solitudevej my points and anger might be slightly more amplified than normally. But come on, this is extreme and I think it’s embarrasing to live in a society where we think with the arse in a very serious matter that can be solved very easily.

And the goal: Of course the goal is to reduce the number of adverts drasticly. Philip and his crew assume that it will be a minimum if the Danish population that will actively choose adverts through the door. We hope so as well!

I love this project and I am following it very closely…have a nice day!

This the homepage: http://reklamer-jatak.dk/


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Last time at Likemind our new friend, Henrik Chulu, brought his camera to catch the wonderful mood of the Likemind meetings. He documented the whole event which resulted in this video. We are pleased to have this magnificent piece of work to show all interested souls out there how nice and cozy the Likemind meetings are.

We can’t imagine a better way to present these creative meetings and we are hereby inviting all readers of this blog and there contacts whoever they are to the next Likemind gathering at Café Din Nye Ven in Skt. Peders Stræde 34  in Copenhagen, Denmark. See you at 8 am with a morning smile. A good day starts this way.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Likemind Cph“, posted with vodpod

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Until the end of May we, the four members of Kadaver, were proud students at the Danish based education, The Kaospilots. It is to a large extend because of the school’s influence on us and the things we were taught there, we are finding ourselves in a situation as partners in our own company – Kadaver
brainstorm Mega flad
Through the three years of education we have been asked numerous times what The Kaospilots are taught, what they can do and what we would end up with when the educational program was concluded. Some months after our graduation it might be time to come up with an answer and maybe even some reflections about what we, through me Jacob, believe was essential for our stay.

To start somewhere I can tell you what the school communicates to the world. It is also what caught our attention in the beginning, so maybe it is a good place to start. The school works to educate young people (20-30 year olds -‘ish) in the fields of business-, process-, and project-design. What comes out in the end is; project leaders, entrepreneurs and consultants. But what made the school appealing to us was the element of combining these traits with social innovation, sustainability and cultural diversity. I guess if it had not been for these elements the school’s curriculum could resemble any other business school’s. I believe that it is in the combination in a traditional business-like aspects like marketing, management and branding with the before mentioned social responsible aspects that the school becomes truly relevant for both us and hopefully the world.

What I believe is most relevant for us as a company is the way that the school has given us the feeling that we can really make a difference. So without hesitation we can declare that we are on a mission to save the world – no more, no less…

Mind the gap

One of the things I remember from the last couple of semesters at school are the talks we had on what will happen on the other side – I think we called it the gap. What I know now is that the school has helped making the transition from student to a professional life easier than I thought it would be. Because what we have done in the last three years and the project that we have been engaged in has been as close to being what we are facing right now.

In growing up I remember the focus that was on my generation – born in the eighties. We were pretty much the smallest generations in many many years. That, I was told, meant that I could pretty much choose my career and eventually my job – no questions asked. I think this whole notion followed me to the Kaospilots. But then the economic crises struck and the jobs that I wanted and the projects that I wanted to work on decreased. In that situation I am also grateful to the school. I think I could have panicked, but I believe that the school has made it possible for me to adapt to a new situation even one as vast as the current global economic climate. When we started Kadaver we knew and was told numerous times that we could not have picked a worse time to start a company and especially not one that focused on soft values when everybody else was focusing on bottom-lines. We did anyway, because we saw and still see potential – maybe now in different areas than we did two years ago. That way of handling changes is undoubtedly one of the core capabilities of the Kaospilots.

And when it comes to capabilities I remember I was once told that I had an “interesting” profile. That was to a large extend because of my educational background. This happened when looking for an internship position I naturally asked what she meant by this. I did not get a reply, but I think that I have some thoughts on what the core capabilities of a Kaospilot is. First and foremost this is my thoughts and that is one of the beautiful things about the way the school teaches – it is up to the individual student to focus on what they find relevant, essential and engaging either during their stay at school or after graduation. That makes for a diverse group of graduates both in terms of professional capabilities and – due to the application workshop – personality.

In figuring out what I believe the Kaospilots can do I have both looked on, well, myself but also the three other Kaospilots that have chosen to spend their everyday with me. We recently carried out an assignment that I feel underlined what we and other Kaospilots do best. The result of the assignment is posted somewhere below this post. I know that we chose to deal with the assignment alternatively, creatively and innovative… Blah, Blah, Blah… Those terms are about as in-concrete as they get! What we did was focus on people. We got under their skin and appealed to them right there and then. We communicated in a simple way that did not take a five year degree in communication to understand. And that I believe is a great trait. That comes from a combination of being taught both elements of anthropology and sociology, but most relevantly that their lies infinite potential in all people. That last ability is largely due to be slapped around with the sentence “natural, creative, resourceful and whole” – referring to people in general. So Thanks Paul... You might just be right.
sara brainstorm
Another thing I noticed and deeply appreciated during the project happened on the day of the event. The event was depended on a lot of things that was completely out of our hands. For instance rain would have been a pretty destructive force to deal with – there was pretty much nothing we could do but wait for the weather forecast and then decide on a plan B. Luckily the sun was out on the day, so nothing had to change. Something on the other hand did change that day. We where informed that the town square would be ours on the day and that no one else would be there. Then 30 minutes before we where to execute the assignment 3 massive lorries rolled up… For a second we thought everything would collapse as they where to put up three tent and crane. That would ruin the picture. What I noticed was Søren, who is sitting across the room from me right now. He walked up to the different lorry-drivers and asked them if they could move their stuff to different locations and please be done in 30 minutes… A pretty bold move but it worked – they moved their stuff and left us with a window of 45 minutes to execute two event, which meant 30 minutes less than we had anticipated… And this is where one of the capabilities of the Kaospilots kicks in. Not only did we take the new circumstances into consideration I also believe that they and our handling helped make the event and the documentation even better. That situation was about change ready-ness and no one does it better.

I think this is a post that I will keep building on, as more stuff regarding the school will undoubtedly put up along the way.

Jacob Klintrup


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Today is the big “blog action day”. Our beloved flash mob video is out. It is on the internet now. For the world to see. For you to see. For you to enjoy.

The video is made for the campaign Hopenhagen described in the previous post and it is beautiful.
50 people sunbathing at Rådhuspladsen in Copenhagen the main square in Copenhagen even in Denmark.

It was a very very nice experience and everything worked out perfectly.

Thanks to our beloved volunteers and the brilliant camera crew we believe that this is not the only flash mob we will execute in Kadaver. In fact we believe that many more will come and many more will be as good as this one.

This is our daily ecstasy and drive, this is what we want to do and this is what we have to do.

Let the predefined be redefined with a twist of Kadaver and a bunch of beautiful people!

Click it away!


On October 9, more than 50 Copenhageners concerned about the climate sunbathed on Town Square in the name of Hopenhagen. The message was crystal clear: We hope for a new signed climate change policy in december in order to ensure the future of our planet.

When the whistle blew, the green and white towels were spread out and the clothes were dropped! The sudden happening came as some surprise to the many bystanders who stared in amazement as the 50-something people between 11 and 71 years of age apparently enjoyed lying on the square, naked in 9 degrees celsius.
The purpose of the happening was to emphasize the problems our planet is facing and to, hopefully, both send a message to the world leaders that we need a signed deal but also to the citizens around the world that they too need to take stand and that action is necessary. The world’s climate issues need to be approached with creative thinking and alternative means. According to the city and the people of Copenhagen that also applies to the way we communicate the message.

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Billede 2

So here we are, for the first time on track with our new website, www.kadaver.dk. It is no secret that this website has been a high priority for everyone and now we can finally lean back and enjoy our little informative window to the world.

The site is developed entirely by Mikkel Bock from the company Haus Copenhagen, www.haus-cph.dk. He has been an incredible support in the development process and worked very hard with finding a solution that fitted our identity and our need.

I sincerely hope you will visit the site and enjoy the look and info, unfortunately only in Danish for now – it could be valuable to take a course to understand it.

We are happy and by the way, what is a company without a website these days. It is like a Danish hotdog without pickles or a die without spots and maybe a woman without a smile or a day with out sunshine.

Click it away…


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