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Better Place is a new addition to the Kadaver project portfolio. As a launch of this new collaboration we have been engaged in creating awareness by guiding the electric cars through the streets of Copenhagen. You could therefore see three electric cars (Renault Fluence Z.E.) around Copenhagen this past weekend, among other places at Islands Brygge, Amager Strandpark and Bellevue. Next weekend (July 17) you will be able to meet the cars at Rådhuspladsen from 10 am to 1 pm. See you there.

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In the past couple of years we have wondered whether or not it would be possible to reinvent the way that we define making donations. One of the reasons we have wondered is the fact that it seems like the way that people donate has not changed for the last decade – not remarkably anyway.

Recently Greenpeace launched a website to engage people in the creation of the new Rainbow Warrior – their flagship, so to speak… Their way of generating funds for the creation of the ship is a step in the right direction – but it can be taken even further to ensure loyal and engaged contributors.

Great work on the concept and design by DDB – France, Les 84 and Greenpeace

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In this past fall Kadaver found itself in a fortunate role of being assigned to a task for the Danish Ministry of Food. Kadaver was chosen along side to other companies and in-house friends, bybird and Haus CPH. This constellation of three companies designed and shaped a campaign that was to address what the Danes wanted in terms of healthier, better and more appealing fast food and convenience products. Through recent years the usage of unhealthy fast food and convenience products has increased rapidly and the campaign was launched to find out whether or not there could be found alternative or new solutions that would make the healthier choice easier for the Danes to make.

The design of the campaign was created around well-known elements that would both created a sense of security to the target group, but it would also have a clear reference to the elements from the world of fast food and convenience products. This was done to secure that the focus of the campaign was in center and the target group would be willing to engage in dialogue around the campaign focus.

The result was a name “Mums – Hvad skulle det være?” (direct translation; Jummy – What will it be?) referring to two well-known terms within the Danish food universe.

The graphic design was inspired by both the environment around the american dinners and the Danish countryside homes.

The campaign that ran in a four week period contained viral elements such as a homepage (hurtigmums.dk), twitter-account, youtube-account and a facebookpage. Alongside these elements the campaign could be found on street-level via a national voxpop carried out by the campaign character Agent Mums, Go-Cards in cafés, headrestsleeves in the busses of Copenhagen and finally during a two week period in “The People’s Kitchen”, where the Danish consumers could taste and give feedback to different producers of Fast Food and Convenience products.

The conclusion of the campaign has been loads of feedback given by the target group, which will help form what future initiatives needs to be made in the future regarding fast food and convenience products.

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Throughout the last four weeks we have worked tightly together with the company bybird, Haus and Arriva on a campaign dubbed Bedre Bustur. The last four weeks have featured several initiatives, among others; five weekly magazines, newly designed headrests, social media concepts, a brand new website and to day the latest addition to the campaign was launched.

Late Sunday night 250 seat-covers was installed in the busses across Copenhagen. The new covers indicated that this was a loveseat… (Kærlighedssæde) Throughout the day Danish media have intensely covered the seats and a debate has been started around the use of these and the general interaction in the danish busses…

The focus on the campaign has been to improve the experiences in the busses and drag focus towards how a busride can improve seen from the perspective of the people that uses the busses on a daily basis.

All the initiatives has generated a lot of great response from the users and today the media gave their response. Below can find some of the articles that have been in the new throughout the day.

Contribute with your view on Facebook, or through the Campaign webpage: www.bedrebustur.dk




Kristligt Dagblad

Le Figaro!

Kerdos – Greece

Aften Posten, Norwegian

Clarin.com Spanish

Lidovky.cz Czech

The campaign is far from over so stay tuned

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Some months back we were on the verge on participating in the danish based competition to find the best possible way to communicate the online platform “Girl Talk”. The purpose of the site is to make it possible for danish girls to seek council from other and older girls on various topics that needs an ear that wants to listen.

Girl Talk was chosen to be the subject for the concept Reklame for Alvor (directly translated – commercials seriously). The concepts make it possible for companies to develop a campaign for the subject and the best bid wins the campaign which will be paid for by the organization behind Reklame for Alvor and their supporters. The final campaign has an estimated budget of around 3,5 million danish kroner.

Sadly we were to busy around the time of the deadlines for the bids, so we did not apply… But the winner has now been found and we have to say that if we had participated the competition would have been though. We believe that the winner, DDB Danmark, have managed to find a both relevant, easily accessible and simply great way to create attention around the site and the purpose. So hats off to the guys behind the winning bid.

The following months the campaign will be present around Denmark in nationwide posters, postcards and through tv-spots on national TV and MTV.

Below you will find examples of the campaign.

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For some time Kadaver and Masanga have been working on the establishment of computer sleeves import from Sierra Leone also called Bangura Bags. The Computer sleeves are created out of used bicycle tubes in the tailor shop at the hospital compound. They fit the various  PC´s and Apple Macbooks both 13″, 15″ and 17″.
Kadavers goal is to take part of the establishment of a local sustainable business. The Tailor shop is a part of the Hospital project that aim to provide free treatment for the people in Sierra Leone. By selling Bangura Bags a cash flow is created in the community, people are getting employed and sick people are treated. To read more about Masanga hospital, click this link. As ambassador for the bags Nikolaj Kirk stands in front. The establishment of the business os in general going very well. We at kadaver are proud to present the next batch of Bangura Bags. It arrived here during Christmas!!

Here are some photos of the Bangura Bag.

If this is something for you, then don’t hesitate to contact project leader Anders Møller: moeller@kadaver.dk

By Søren Bo Steendahl

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When listening to the complains and wishes for our future and the development of society I often experience a tendency to want something “new” or “different”. The approach is most likely based on -what we got, is NOT good enough- and then followed up by a passive “reaction”. I am not sure rather you can actually call it a “reaction”, when nothing happens and the expectation is; that either politicians or “someone ells” should DO SOMETHING. not just anything – but something! the right thing, not the wrong thing – as “they” always do… hhhmmm ?

If you have gone traveling for sometime, the experience of this tendency is extremely interesting. Be course returning from a situation where the conditions are worse than the “normal” situation, the “normal” suddenly seems to be good. And not as first thought off, bad. Now why are these late nights reflections interesting? my curiosity lays with considering what steps should we/I/you and Kadaver take in order to make this reflection happen for every body – with out including the travel – ?? If you have any tips or ideas I would be more than happy to hear your reflections. And of course we can take the conversation with coffee. You are welcome at the office.

This is how the office looks like after a full day of preparing and developing!
"le office"


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